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"Megan Weeder is a... luminary who has added her sparkle and sleight-of-hand to a breathtaking array of musical endeavors... All musicians who have worked with Megan can attest to her quickness and agility with creating a part or executing parts exactly. She is a uniquely mellow string player. For someone with such a serene temperament she can play so fetchingly from the heart that for many local musicians no one else will do in the studio or on stage."


"The debut CD, Stalk That Myth, by NYC's Bowery Boy Blue is unusual for being based on Greek mythology... Every tune is crafted to make you want to listen again and again, starting with "Great Dead Town" all the way to its twin, the last track, "Dead Great Town."...

But this album would not be nearly as good without Megan Gould on strings and background harmonies. Megan arranged and plays three of the four pieces in the string quartet that acts as a vocal counterpoint throughout much of the record." 




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I work as a freelance vioinist in NYC, where I perform Greek, Arabic, Indie-rock, Jazz, Classical and other world music. My recorded work has appeared on feature and independent films, commercials, and albums of many types (see Discography). I often perform on stage in New York and occasionally worldwide with my own ensembles, and as a guest musician with many others (see Events). For more details and a full Bio, see About.

In addition to performing music, I compose string arrangements and full orchestrations for film, create sheet music charts and make original CD cover art and layouts. There are some examples of these on the CD cover art page.

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Megan (Weeder) Gould 



An excerpt from a string arrangement I did for Natalie Merchant, for her album Butterfly, part of the Natalie Merchant Collection.

A string arrangment I did for my husband, Zeb Gould, on his upcoming release as Bowery Boy Blue- "Destroyer Deliver"

Cuban-born American pianist Fabian Almazan performs selections from his newest album Rhizome (released March 2014 on Blue Note/ArtistShare), complete with string quartet (Megan Gould, violin; Tomoko Omura, violin; Karen Waltuch, viola; Noah Hoffield, cello) and jazz trio (Linda Oh, bass; Henry Cole, drums). "Fabian pushes the envelope in ways that excite people," says trumpeter Terence Blanchard.


The New York Arabic Orchestra, directed by Bassam Saba, performs "Longa Riad," composed by Riad Al-Sunbati, at Kaufman Center's Merkin Hall in Manhattan for Musician For Harmony's 10th annual Concert for Peace, September 11, 2011.

A performance of John Mellencamp's song "Peaceful World" with India.Arie at the NYC Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center.


An excerpt from the Mary Janes song Telescope, from the album Flame. I arranged and performed the string parts, with the singer Janas Hoyt.

A performance of Sean Lennon's song Dead Meat, from the album Friendly Fire, on Late Night with David Letterman.


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