String Arrangements and home recording

If you are hoping to add string tracks to your next recording, I am happy to help in whatever way you need. Whether you're looking for a single violin, a group of violins, a quartet, or an entire orchestra, I am known for being able to compose in a variety of styles, and will aim to enhance your particular sound. I can write parts for the musicians you work with, or record violin and viola tracks remotely in my home studio (see technical details below.) I'm also comfortable recording parts that you've written yourself, or improvising something on the spot! If you hear an expanded orchestral sound, I have a roster of talented NYC instrumentalists who will record a variety of instruments, from winds and brass, to oud and qanun.

My string arrangements have appeared on albums by a range of artists, from soulful singer-songwriter Natalie Merchant, to the Indo-Arabic band the Epichorus, as well as a variety of up and coming songwriters and bands. (See my About page and Discography page for more.)

Listen below to a few samples of my work. If you have questions, or are ready to get started, just send an email to info@megangouldmusic.com


Popular singer-songwriter. From her album Butterfly (part of the Box Set released in 2017.)

An orchestration of an Iranian folk song that I composed for singer Monika Jalili. Performed by Monika, me (violin), Zeb Gould (guitar), Shane Shanahan (percussion) and the Salt Lake Philharmonic. December 2018.

Greek singer-songwriter

Indie Rock

Persian (world)

Indie Rock

Judeo-Arabic (world)


My home studio is equipped with ProTools and Logic, and I have a good preamp and a selection of beautiful-sounding mics. I deliver the tracks to you as .wav files, without any effects, unless you request reverb or EQ, which I can add. I usually record with several different violins and viola to create a blended multi-dimensional string sound. If your taste is more electronic, I do have an electric 5-string violin, and a range of effects pedals, which I can use to make some more experimental sounds.