A string arrangment I did for my husband, Zeb Gould. Recorded at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY

A live recording of Odecha, performed with the Epichorus at Caveat, NYC.

An excerpt from the original piece Wonderful Land, by Bassam Saba. On the CD entitled Wonderful Land.

An excerpt from the John Mellencamp song Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way, from the Waylon Jennings Tribute album "I've Always Been Crazy"

From singer Moira Smiley's work Changing Woman, commissioned by a St. Louis dance company.

A selection from the Flower Power episode of the popular kids show The Backyardigans. Written by Doug Weiselman.

A gypsy-style piece I wrote for the Japonize Elephants.

A string arrangement I wrote for the Mild Mannered Rebel album Ear to the Sky.

A string arrangment I wrote for Monika Jalili's album Elan.